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the radio leads a feel good revolution...

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  2007.11.14  12.45
forever isnt long enough to forget the faces and places that played out your tragedy...

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well, havent been on here in what feels like years.
just a little update...
lifes good in miami, i always have something to do.
saw BADFISH the other night, thats was fuckin sweet.
schools going good, i go on break starting friday,
and leave for New York on monday.
and on it goes with the negitave...
about two weeks after moving out of my house,
my parents told me they were getting divorced.
to some people its not a big deal, but to me it is.
i always looked up to my parents when it came to their
relationship, 32 years together is a longg time,
and alot to throw away. but if thats what they wanna do
then thats what they wanna do. but now its just an ongiong
battle. im a minute away from ripping the hair out of my head.

Mood: horny
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  2007.06.11  17.43

summer is amazingggg.

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  2007.04.18  22.55
loooongggg ass time.

Its been so long since ive written in this thing.
things are going great!
Over the summer im taking a crash course in bartending,
(I hope to get a job while in school next year)
and going on a cruise  to Jamaica.
Then in September im moving into my new apartment in Miami.
May 31 is my graduation, and i cant fuckin wait...

Mood: exhausted
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  2007.01.16  15.14

tomorrow is my eighteenth birthday,
but for some reason, its not as big of a deal
as I thought it would be....?

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  2006.12.07  16.45

I need to move out of my house.
Don't get me wrong...I love my parents
more than anything in the world, but I
cant live with them any longer. I dont blame them
if they stop paying for eveything...I dont care if they do.
I wanna just drop out of school, get me GED
and start working full time and living on
my own. Once I get the money Ill go to school
and do all the things I really want to do. I like
to learn, i truely enjoy it...but I cant do it
in the setting im in now. Definitley not.
I need to get out of here.

Mood: shitty
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  2006.10.21  09.36

why the fuck is it so difficult to find REAL people in Florida?

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  2006.08.30  16.28
I could never say something like that to someone...

During the past week and a half, i've come to realize who truely cares about me...
and who doesn't. I like the person I am, and if
have the slightest problem with it...I really dont care.

girlgerrms (4:20:31 PM): Lol
girlgerrms (4:20:34 PM): You dads a stupid jew
girlgerrms (4:20:36 PM): what does he know?
girlgerrms (4:20:56 PM): maybe your daddy & mommy should
girlgerrms (4:21:02 PM): learn how to raise a child
girlgerrms (4:21:03 PM): lol
girlgerrms (4:22:33 PM): youre a piece of shit

Never in my life...would I say something like that to someone
Refer to my last enrty aswell. ;)

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  2006.08.12  17.07

people are seriously ridiculous.
what is this world coming to?

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  2006.06.18  16.01

So, on wednesday I leave for New York...
Before I leave, I want everyone to post something
about me that you like and/or dislike.
I dont care if it's annonymous or not.

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  2006.05.06  13.48

It's crazy how major turning points
in your life occur
at the most random times.
And how your outlook on life
could change so drastically.

Mood: high
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